Sanskrit for "circle", the mandala is an ancient and powerful symbol used by cultures throughout time. At its simplest, a mandala is a circle with a center point. This represents the seed of unborn potential, and the container within which the seed can grow. We can all relate to the circle, whether in the cyclical nature of life, or simply, as a pleasing shape to look at. The circle encompasses all that there is, representing wholeness, fluidity, and creation. 

Working from my home in Portland, Oregon, I hand-stitch circle magic into each doll to honor the roundness of life, and the mystery of what lies beyond. These friends are ambassadors and allies, guardians and guides, earthy and spacey, humble and wise. They come from the dreamworld, the imagination lands, and from celestial star sprinkled seas. 

Here you will find loyal companions made for gentle, imaginative play, or to be adored by the child within.


 xoxo Gianna